Yassy’s note;Liam’s first year: Day 276 – Day 282

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 277..

Today,when we went to Genetic doctor, he weighed a little over 17 lb.Liam is getting heavier each day.

On our way back, we stopped by zoo and we had great time there.

Me and my father fed giraffe and goat:-)

Feeding such a big animal is something we cannot do back home so, I think it was something unique thing my father could experience.

Then, took him to steakhouse where he gets to pick the steak he wants to cook. He was surprised with the size of the meal (steak itself) but he enjoyed the American plate:-)

Liam had long day today and his day finished with skype with my mother.She put eye glasses case and dropped it to the desk and Liam was giggling so much but soon, he started leaning backward;meaning he got sleepy so he went to bed:-)

Oh,at the zoo, chimpanzee was gathering up the mud and tossing it to the crowd.we wanted to video him but by the time we decided we want to, he stopped tossing the mud to the crowd…

Day 279..

Another Liam’s favorite meal from this morning.


He had Kinako (roasted whole soybean flour called kinako, often used to coat mochi cake or ohagi sticky rice or dango or Japanese sweets), for the first time and he really liked it.

A couple of days ago, he tried rolled oats cooked in breast milk for the first time and today, he had that topped with kinako, orange flounder,and cucumber salad.

Rolled oat with Kinako was his favorite of all and he tried to nom my knuckle with big wide mouth (could not wait for me to get spoonful of another bite.He thought I was slow) and sometimes, he tried to put his finger in the oat meal:-)

He will have 7bai gayu; porridge made with rice 1 vs water 7 ratio with almost whole shape of rice and no complete mash,less water than before.His food is getting for bigger kid:-)

More on Kinako here. Kinako is Iron rich,nutritious food and many babies in Japan try that in solid food phase around 2nd months.You will find that kinako is used so much in Japanese cuisine.

Day 281..

My father is now in the plane flying back to Japan. It was such a great time together but I felt time passed by so fast!

Now he is not at home, I feel like home is empty.I would like to see him again soon… Too bad he is not living in the same country where we can meet anytime we want to..

At the Airport, since my father was using the Airline I was working for, I got to talk to ex boss and, I got to meet one other co-worker there plus one I know ;the Vietnamese travel agent who help Vietnamese passengers and such.

They were like “Awwww.. Cute! Look at that long eye lashes (it seems that everyone notices)” with big big smiles.

There were not many passengers in line trying to checking in, still at the time my father has checked in so, we four got to chat a bit and Liam got more persons to meet.

It has been about 7-8 years since I left the work to continue trying IVF and I did not find many faces that I recognize.

The boss said to me that when we go back to Japan next time, she will get us family support service;help carrying all luggage , escorting gate to gate etc..

It is nice to meet people from old times:-) It brings memories.I remember I was making boarding announcement, or checking passengers in, escorting high rank passengers or simply helping around….

I loved watching our plane taking off to the sky everyday..

If you like to go visit Japan, All Nippon Airways is very good. They do not serve nuts but rice crackers and flight menu is varied and you get to taste Japanese noodle (Japanese style meal) or western style meal.One thing that I was impressed with with the Airline that I worked for was that the bathroom floor was free of toilet papers which I normally find bunch of toilet papers on the floor with other airlines and always neat,tidy and clean.

I liked that, and service is good.My husband says service he gets in Japan or All Nippon Airways is better, too.
Day 282..

After the milk time, he is drinking boiled cool water for dental hygiene,and when I made funny sound,he cracked up very big and the water came out from his mouth when giggle,lol.

He made squeaky sound with giggle and clapped his hands.I think I hit his giggle spot!

For now, he got 4 bottom teeth and no top teeth yet.

Stay tuned for more Liam story…

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