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Unlikely friendship of a dog; “Abby” the Dachshund and “Bonedigger” the Lion

Dogs give you unconditional love.

Dogs give love to wide variety of spices; from birds, cats, elephant,tiger and more.

Watching such great friendship of dogs would melt your heart.

Recently, I came across youtube video of Dachshund “Abby” from exotic Animal Park in Winwood, OK.

I thought it very cute and thought I would share the video with you.

 Unlikely couple : Dachshund “Abby” and Lion “Bonedigger”..

According to the daily dish website, both came to the refuge when both were young. “While Bonedigger, a Barbary lion, gets along with all four of the dachshunds, it’s really Abby who has stolen his heart”, the caretaker says.

Zookeepers think they were somewhere between six to nine weeks old when they were first introduced.

Despite the size of the body, they do get along very well.

Dog’s unlikely friendship is not that uncommon. I became curious why such bond can happen.

According to wideopenpets website, Professor Gordon Burghardt of the University of Tennessee thinks “Interspecies bonds are more common among younger animals, among stressed individuals who may learn to depend on each other for comfort, and among those living in captivity”

In captivity like at zoo, animals choose their friends from who’s around, and they might seek out friendship in the pen, whether or not it’s a member of the same species.

Any unlikely amazing animal friendship near you?

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Pet Penguin “Lala” in Japan goes for shopping for her fish

 Recently,I was browsing through youtube page, and I came across adorable king penguin “Lala” that goes for shopping for his food ;Japanese horse mackerel ( “Aji” in Japanese), sardine (Iwashi in Japanese) , on foot,wearing his backpack so his food will be packed in the bag.Herring is also penguins’ favorite,I read.

I saw the clip, I thought it was cute and at the same time, I was surprised how well she was trained to do so.

 Here is the youtubevideo.

 Pengun “Lala” in Japan going for the shopping for her fish (Aji)

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 In Japan, due to restriction by Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, there are several variety of penguins you cannot have as pet, but apparently, there are some of the variety allowed to have them as a pet.

 They are cute and adorable but it costs you a lot of money,space, and care and I do not think it is easy task to care for them in the environment that we average people could offer.

 As a kid, I did not see anyone who had penguin as a pet, and I did not think people could have penguin as a pet. Therefore, it was a new finding for me as well on this matter.

 Maybe, some people with large pool with their house might be able to afford to have them as companion at home.

 I was wondering what would take to have a penguin as a pet and searched on the Internet.

 First, to get a penguin as a pet in Japan, it looks like penguin can cost you about $5,000 to over $120,000!

 Then, of course, you would need spacious place for them to swim (the pool filled with ocean water), and possibly large freezer to stock up their meal (Japanese horse mackerel), and you would need to take them for a walk for exercise.

 I read that, penguin stops eating for about 2 weeks,in which time, their fur gets changed from old to new from head to toe and, before they goes into that time in the year, they would eat twice the amount of meal they normally would.

 In the wild, they live in the ocean, and when they are not living in the natural place, they tend to have deficiency in sodium.Therefore, you would need to provide salt to them.The website I was looking at suggests to fill the pool with ocean water because of this reason.

 When we go to aquarium, we see staff in charge of care of penguin feed fish to them but do you know how much they eat?

 According to the penguin care website in Japan, penguin eats 10-20 Japanese horse mackerel (Aji) a day.

 They sure cute animal but personally, I feel they would have better life in the environment at the aquarium if not in the wild over the personal residential home.

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Smiling dog:Chi i Chan, the Shiba Inu from Japan

 What is your dog’s favorite activity of the day?

 Many dogs express their joy of hearing their favorite words that associated with what they love most;walk,meal etc.., various ways.

 Our dog “Palette” gets super super excited and she runs to go get her leash when she hear her favorite word “walkie”.

 Going to get her leash is her chore of the day and she knows what is coming next.

 Her little nub going left to right,left to right very fast and,it always out a smile on our face

 Recently, I came across youtube
video of Shiba inu from Japan who express her joy via huge smile when her owner says “Would you like to go for a walk,Chi i chan?”.

 I thought it very cute and thought I would share the video with you.

 The video is in Japanese but you will be able to follow what is going on. Isn’t she cute?

Chi i chan;the Shiba inu smile with the word “Walk”

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 Another dog express his joy of hearing his favorite word “walk” via jumping up and down. He is so cute!

Dog gets excited for going for walk

 If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

 Does your dog love to go for walk?

 How do they express their joy of hearing their favorite word “walk”?

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Dock Jumping Corgi “Pete” and Australian Cattle Dog “Rampage”

 In the previous entry titled “How far dogs can jump?“, I have introduced the K9 sports called “Dock jumping”.

 If you are not familiar with the sports, it is a
sports that dogs compete in the distance or  height from a dock into the
water. It seems this is relatively new canine sports considering the
event started in 2000 in the states.

starts by handler and dog climb up the stair that leads to the dock and
handler throw the toy as far as she/he can. Then, as the toy flies in
the air, dog jump off a dock into water as far as she/he can to get the
toy.This is the dock jumping that measure the distance.

  Another one
that measures the height from a dock into the water is called “Extreme
vertical” and with this height competition, toy is hang in the air over
the water, and dog jump off a dock into the water as high as possible to
grab the toy hang in the air.

 In it, I have written that current
top record holder of standard dock jumping is 29″1′ with a Chesapeake
Bay Retriever named “Smoke”. He broke the previous Guinness world record
28″10′ hold by Country (Mixed/Greyhound) in July 2010 at UKC Premier

 Recently, I came across youtube video footage of Pembroke Welsh Corgi jumping into the water, and I noticed that the Corgi seems to have difficulty to jump longer distance although he seems to jump higher than the other furriends that jumped into the water- Chocolate Labrador.

 I also noticed that when the Corgi jump, his body gets complete flat horizontally against sea water just like you would for belly flop and looked a little painful.

 Here is the video clip I came across.

 I wonder if Corgis cannot jump longer distance due to physical anatomy and they have disadvantage for the sports.

 I notice that Palette jump high but not so much for the distance even if she is not jumping into the water. Maybe it is a Corgi thing?

 When you think about it, for dogs like Corgis, k9 sports “Agility” or “Flyball”, which height of the jump will be based upon height of the dogs might have more advantages for them to compete.
 Here is the another youtube video clip where Corgi “Pete” doing dock jumping. He  seems not belly flopping but,still not jumping longer distance like other breed.Looks like he is around 11′-13′ distance.

 He is very cute,though! I like watching dogs having so much fun doing what they love most

Pete The Dock Jumping Corgi

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

 Look at this Australian Cattle Dog named “Rampage”. He is amazing!

Rampage the Australian Cattle Dog Dock Jumping..

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.


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Tara (Elephant) & Bella (Dog) : The Odd couple in Elephant Sunctuary in TN,USA

  I have heard of Elephant being such a tight bond with family members,but when I found out about this odd couple,I was very surprised. The elephant and a dog eat together,sleep together,play together..
When Bella, the dog injure spinal cord and needed care inside the facility,Tara, the Elephant stay close to the facility even though she had so much wide space to roam around. This shows that their bond is so tight and care each other.This is one of those “Heart-warming” Story..

 You can visit the Elephant sanctuary website by clicking here. This place is not open to public,but you can see Elephants in the sanctuary with Elecam (click here)

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Chimpanzee and Bulldog in PE class in elementary school

 Everybody loves watching funny video, and  I am sure you would be laughing out loud watching this video. This video is from Japan,where I grew up,and Japan has very well trained monkey act group as well as amazing chimp named “Pan-kun”. This particular video is in Japanese so,I translate here for you to understand what is going on.

Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” and Bulldog”James” attend PE class at elementary school….

One bulldog “James” and one Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” attended PE class at Japanese elementary school. It is sit-up time.

This is to see how many sit-up kids can do in 30 seconds. In average,10 year old boys do 19 sit-ups.,and if adult women,in average they can do 18 sit-ups. They are trying to see how many sit-ups Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” can do. He did 12 sit-ups. Then,switching time and,a bulldog “James” did zero. But it is funny to see dog & monkey communication. Have fun!

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