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Peanut sniffing dog

 There are many dogs who use their keen sense of smell for us on their job. Arson dogs that sniff out the gasoline,termite sniffing dog that sniff out  where termite reside,cancer sniffing dog that detect cancer, drug/bomb sniffing dog that sniff out hidden drug or bomb.. but have you ever heard of Peanut sniffing dog? I recently came across “Peanut sniffing dog” news.

 Peanut sniffing dog is the dog to sniff out the peanut residue, or object that contains peanut (wrapper of candy that contained peanut etc) by checking the places or object  to make sure that the place is safe for people who is allergic to Peanut to come in or contact with. If they find residue of peanut on chair,table or candies ,wrapper of candies that had peanut in it etc ,they either sit or paw at it.

 According to,peanut usually contains 200mg protein per peanut,but if people were allergic to peanut severely,very small amount of 2mg is enough to cause serious allergic reaction.

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Dog’s nose is much better than human so,their job as Peanut sniffing dog is really life saving job for handler/peanut allergy person.

Here is one video that I found on Peanut sniffing dog.

Peanut sniffing dog

 If you were interested in learning more on peanut sniffing dog,please click here.


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Cancer Sniffing Dogs

  In the previous entry titled “Dog’s Nose:How good is it?“,I wrote about how amazing the dogs’ nose is.

I still have been reading the same book that I have bought in Japan.

 The other day, I had a chance to read about how they train the cancer sniffing dogs,so I thought it will be interesting for you too to know “Behind the scene of the cancer sniffing dogs”.

  The first dog that detected owner’s cancer was from back in 1980’s.In 1989, medical magazine published the article about the first cancer sniffing dog.

 One woman was having Doberman Pincher and a Border Collie and those dogs sniffed at the mole,and not just sniffing but tried to bite it off the mole from the woman. Since the dogs were so persistent, she went to doctor and the mole the dogs were trying to bite it off turned out to be the cancer at the early stage.

 In Japan, it seems that dogs are trained to detect cancer cell from a few years ago,and there seem to be a report that says Malene;the laradool/Retriever mix, was trained to detect cancer cell  by using healthy person’s breath and cancer patient’s breath.

 Cancer has so many different cancer kinds;breast cancer,stomach cancer,lung cancer etc.. and patients can be at any age,and cancer stages are also not just early stage,so,there should be so many different kinds of combination to detect cancer cell.However,this Malene detected the cell with rate of 100%.

  Now,how the trainer train the dogs to sniff out the cell? Here is how.

” According to Mr Turner,he oriented dog named Shing Ling to scent by placing a 50-foot trail of liver powder on the ground. Once Shing Ling learned to follow the trail and was “nose motivated,” Turner began presenting her with breath samples contained in Mylar packets. Pinholes were punched into four packets, one containing a cancer sample. When Shing Ling came to the cancer packet, the clicker would sound and a treat was given. “

 It seems, sometimes,the dogs are given all healthy people’s breath,but still they detect there are nothing connecting to cancer.

 If your dogs acted at you so persistent at particular area of the body,it maybe worth going to doctor and see if there are anything abnormal in body…


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