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Cassidy (3 legged dog) and Faith(2 legged dog)

 The other day, when I was watching news on TV, I came across stories on 3 legged dog named Cassidy who was scheduled to be euthanized in 48 hours in NY. This dog was saved by a nice couples in NY that care for him dearly,and this couple started looking for artificial leg for Cassidy.

 Dog seems to be able to adopt situation like 2 legged or 3 legged okay without artificial legs, but this couple thought that if Cassidy had an artificial leg,it might help better because normally,dogs’ weight  evenly distributed to each leg when they are standing or walking, and the artificial leg can help reduce the weight to be put on each leg. And they don’t get tired as quickly as they will be.

 When my dog “Palette” was about 1 years old. She started limping.

Our local vet thought her ligament would have been torn and would need surgery. We also visited ortho vet and she thought the same.

During the worrisome time,I researched online on TPLO surgery,where vet put screw and metal and other alternative method. TPLO surgery seemed to be used for big dog in most case and,I learned that if we go for TPLO surgery,we have a chance to develop ligament tore on other good leg since when one hind leg is in recovery,dog tends to put more weight on good one and eventually,we end up doing surgery on other leg as well.

Palette was luckily stumpy dog and vet said that she is too small for this surgery so,she would do other method which she use thread to tie up and it can resolve into area and no screw,no metal in her knee.

After all,Palette ended up having surgery but she had perfect ligament and her surgery was just cut her open, and just close her up. It was nice to know her ligament was fine but she had to go through long recovery time with Elizabeth collar,restricted activity etc and I felt sorry for her.

The cause of her limping is still remain unsure but, we think it was probably by pulled muscle because she does this crazy run inside the house and she turns direction suddenly. She is fine now.She is limp free,but I remember I was so worry about her leg.

 With story of “Faith”, Faith’s parent taught her how to move around (how to hop) and now she walks like human:standing up. I first thought that back/hip might get injured,but apparently,it seems fine according to her parent.

 Below is a clip for 3 legged “Casidy” and 2 legged “Faith” videos.

These are nice stories. I think it is nice to know there are people out there that care dogs very much.

Cassidy video 1

Cassidy video 2

Cassidy update video

Faith video

Faith’s story is available with book titled “With a little Faith”.

Do you have any heartwarming stories like these?


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