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 Did you know that xylitol is sweetener (sugar alcohol) you can find in our human foods such as sugar-free chewing gums,candies,baked goods,oral care products etc??

When we eat them,there is no harm to our body but,when dogs eats them,it can be a problems.

According to ASPCA,some dogs that consumed xylitol showed sign of hypoglycemia (sudden drop of blood sugar),resulting in depression,loss of coordination, seizure,  or liver failure. (To read more,click here.)

How xylitol was discovered…

According to Dr Eric Dunayer, Xylitol was first identified by German chemist in 1891. Then,hundred of years later,it was used as sweetener for sugar – free products because it is sweet and it has 2/3 the calories of sugar, and it also started showing up in ingredients in oral care products because Xylitol has anticariogenic property: it prevent the oral bacteria from producing the acid that damage the teeth surface.

People absorb oral Xylitol slowly 49-95%,but dog absorb Xylitol fast and completely. Some indication of ill after ingesting Xylitol are vomiting,lethargy etc. (to read more on PDF file,click here)

So,Xylitol is toxic to your dogs. Before you are tempted to give any human foods,you may want to check if the food has Xylitol in them. Also, to blush the dog teeth,you cannot use human toothpaste. It has Xylitol in it. Please use tooth paste designed for dogs.

Also, when you decided to use oral care products (dental rinse) for dogs instead of using tooth paste,please make sure to read the ingredients list. Here is  ingredients list of sample dental rinse products: Purified water,enzyme,chlorhexidine gluconate,glycerine,zinc gluconate,potassium sorbate,Xylitol,sodium benzoate, FD&C yellow #5,polysorbate 20, FD&C Blue No 1.

 According to wikipedia, in the list above, you can find more sugar alcohol ingredients; Glycerine,and you can find salt with name of gluconate. Potassium sorbate is salt of potassium,then,yellow #5 is lemon yellow food coloring. So, summarizing what I googled for each ingredients using wikipedia, dental rinse I was looking at has sugar alcohol,salt,and food coloring,enzyme and water…. I do not think I would like to use this to our dog.

When you think your dog ingested something toxic,you can call to ASPCA toxic control center.

ASPCA emergency line.The number is at (888) 426-4435. A $60 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card.ASPCA home page is here.

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Chocolate,caffeine, and cacao

 Do you know how chocolate came to our life to make us smiley as you pop into your mouth?

 Sweet,creamy,very delicate flavor,and if you look around the super market,you find many kinds of flavored chocolate,many kinds of chocolates such as dark chocolate,semi sweet chocolate,white chocolate,baking chocolate,many kinds of % of cacao in chocolates.

 As you may know,the higher the percentage of cacao in the chocolate,the less sweeter. I personally likes dark chocolate,darker the better.My favorite will be probably the dark chocolate with about 80% cacao in the chocolate bar.

According to “Field museum”,the chocolate’s center ingredients “cacao” was discovered 2000 years ago.

 Believe it or not,first people who discovered the secret of cacao was from Maya years. They grew trees in backyard and made it to paste after harvesting them.Then,they made frothy drink out of it by adding some more ingredients to it. So, chocolate drink was first to be discovered before actual chocolate bars/candies you are familiar with. (To read more,click here)

From 1500’s to 1800’s,Spanish people imported this cacao to their home country and started making the chocolate sweetened up by adding cinnamon or sugars. Then,after 1800’s with more machines were invented for manufacturing and,the more familiar chocolate in modern days;the chocolate candies or bars started appearing. (To read more,click here)

 Chocolate is probably one of the kids’ favorite candies to eat but is it good for dogs??

 Answer is “NO”. Reason behind this is with secret  of Chocolate:the cacao bean. Cacao bean has chemical that dog cannot process.It contains “methylxanthine alkaloids ” in the form of theobromine and caffeinea.

 Of course,more smaller the dog body is,the more easy to get reaction with smaller amount of chocolates from toxic chemical.I have heard of dog ate whole bag of “kiss” chocolate with no incident,but chocolate is better out of the reach of your furry friends. Better place to keep is freezer. Your dogs probably cannot open freezer,and you get nice chilly chocolates. I like keeping my chocolate in freezer now and then. My parents love “Lindtz” chocolate,and we bring those chocolate back to home when we go back to Japan,or we send them by mail and they keep the chocolate in freezer and eat it little by little.

 One thing to note is that different kinds of chocolate contains different amount of toxic chemical(methylxanthine alkaloids).

 According to, followings are amount of chemical present in the chocolate.

  • White chocolate 1mg/oz
  • Hot chocolate 12 mg /oz
  • Milk chocolate 44-66 mg/oz
  • Semi-sweet chocolate 260 mg/oz
  • Dark chocolate 450 mg/oz (wow!)
  • Baking/bitter chocolate or cocoa powder varies as much as 150-600 mg/oz.

To 16lb dog,one pound of milk chocolate is enough to be toxic level.It is said to be toxic level if dog ingested methylxanthine alkaloids 100mg-200mg/kg of body weight.

Sign of toxic level are to be told as diarrhea,vomiting,panting hard,exessive thirst or urination,hyper activity etc etc (To read more,click here)

If you were not sure if your dogs were fine or not,I will recommend to call to ASPCA emergency line.The number is at (888) 426-4435. A $60 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card.ASPCA home page is here.

 Also,cocoa mulch,tea,coffee are not good as well to be ingested. If you would like to give them something special without cacao bean scare,try something with Carob.

 Carob is similar to chocolate, but it has no toxic chemical for dogs in them. 

 Many dog bakery does Yogurt dipping  but,yogurt dipping is made from Yogurt chip which has “Sugar” in the first ingredients (simply melt them,and dip the biscuits),and many make carob biscuits for dogs but they use sweetened carob chip which has “Sugar” in the first ingredients in the list  or add sugar to sweetened up.

 We,Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, used to offer Wet Nose biscuits that had unsweetened carob in it. We didn’t put sugar in the biscuits.We ,in fact, offer non sugary, simple,healthy ingredient biscuits without fillers. It is simply because we believe that adding sugar is unnecessary for canine furriends.

You can view variety of dog biscuits we make to order at the link here.


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